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Conduct pre-sales needs analysis and provide scope document for new projects / Define content/performance requirements for audience subgroups / Explore media production expectations / Review technical/training distribution requirements / Technical Analysis / Identify content sources / Identify and interview Subject Matter Experts / Review existing documentation/content / Identify functional requirements / Identify appropriate instructional media / Identify range and depth of necessary content topics for course and for platform / Articulate performance expectations for course and for platform / Conduct audience analysis / Conduct job/task analysis / Develop performance objectives / Design instructional strategies and interactions / Design visual presentations and information architecture for course and for platform / Develop course content outlines / Determine media & production elements necessary to develop visual and information designs for course & for platform / Identify necessary programming for course and for platform / Identify necessary technology interfaces for course & for platform / Articulate data record storage requirements for course & for platform / Specify learning management requirements / Specify content architecture and navigational requirements / Design navigational elements for course and for platform / Design and Produce conceptual learning segments / Design and Produce procedural learning segments / Script development

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