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Founded in 1996 as Tesseract Systems Group, a custom database development firm, in 2000 we changed our name and reorganized the company around E-Learning solutions. Triage associatesí professional careers average 20 years and members of our team have worked with corporate clients, US and multi-national corporations in healthcare and industry, that include: Kaiser Permanente, Catholic Healthcare West, Monsanto, IPS, Dell, COPC, 3Com, Apple Computer, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Novell, New Holland/CASE, Audiovox, Peerless, Fleetguard, Exide, KONDEX, Bob Clements International, Norwest Mortgage (now Wells Fargo) and others.

TriageTraining works with business and industry, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Our capabilities include services from education designers, content analysts, solutions developers, learning psychologists, visual/graphics artists, technical writers, database analysts, web developers, programmers and support staff. We deliver a variety of services including designing and developing targeted education and training programs as well as producing online education resources.

Corporate clients engage our services because they are interested in increasing the efficiency and capacity of their operations and their employees. Much of our work focuses on designing and developing training and performance support systems that enhance worker effectiveness with a special emphasis on online delivery of both of these kinds of solutions.

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Becky Smith, Founder and CEO. As the CEO and Founder of TriageTraining Group, Becky provides the overall vision for the company. Captivated by the opportunity in E-Learning from her work with Informania and Viviance, Inc. as VP Healthcare Solutions, the strategic initiatives she launched in that global E-learning firm included developing Alliance Partnerships, and positioning eLearning within multiple healthcare sectors. She worked in coordination with European healthcare groups in Germany, Scandinavia and UK, identified content partners and product opportunities in Disease Management, Education and Compliance Management and e-Detailing. Becky left Viviance and reorganized her consultancy, Tesseract Systems Group, repositioning it as an E-Learning company with the addition of the following talent:

Janet King, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Strategic Learning Services. Dedicated to exploiting technology in service of learning and productivity, Janet moves clients from concept to productivity by engaging with them in the development and delivery of TriageTrainingís unique learning and performance solutions. Often joining Karen and other thought leaders in human performance, Janet's gift for explaining both the art and science of good learning solution design proves invaluable. Janetís memberships and certifications in internationally recognized organizations includes: International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI);Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT);American Association of University Women (AAUW);American Society for Training and Development (ASTD); Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification; Continuous Quality Improvement Facilitator Certification.

Josh Roach, Exeuctive Vice President, Sales and Business Development. Josh is a seasoned corporate development executive with leadership, planning, and management experience in start-up, growth stage, and turn around companies. He has led early stage ventures, and advised businesses and venture groups. He has been involved with the development of early stage business applications and technologies for almost ten years, including roles at Parametric Technology and Net Perceptions where he led business development efforts in 1999 facilitating significant revenue growth from $4MM to $15MMyear/year revenues, enabling a subsequent and successful IPO. Before joining the Triage team, Josh lead corporate and business development efforts at Context Media--a content management start up, where he helped raise $40mm in venture funding, developed and executed revenue growth strategy resulting in 155% year/year annual revenue growth, and crafted the corporate development plan for strategic acquisition. Josh serves on the BOD of Urge Media Inc.

Deborah Habel, Practice Director, Customer Education Solutions. Deborah works with technology companies desiring to position customer education as a value-added service for ensuring end-user mastery of their technologies. She also works with clients whose customer education department is an underperforming asset in need of transformation from a cost center into a profits center. Her 25 year career of working for and with global technology companies translates into innovative, affordable, customer education strategies and programs that position customer education as the "secret sauce" for long customer lifecycles, adoption of our clients' technologies and on-going end-user productivity for our clients' end-user customers.

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Ellen Wagner, Ph. D., Senior Director of Worldwide eLearning with Adobe Systems, Inc.
She is the former Senior Director of Worldwide Education Solutions at Macromedia, Inc. Prior to that she served as Chief Learning Officer for Viviance new education AG, and was Chief Learning Officer and Vice President, Consulting Services, for Informania, Inc. In a previous life, Wagner was a tenured professor of educational technology and academic affairs administrator at the University of Northern Colorado. She was also visiting scholar and project director at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (US). Her work has featured technology-based learning solutions in numerous industries, including public education, corporate education and training, information technology, financial services, banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. She is an  industry specialist on topics dealing with learning and human performance improvement, with particular attention paid to elearning in a variety of forms, including mobile, blended, distance, distributed, workflow and performance support systems. Ellen's Ph.D. in Educational Psychology is from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Stephen G. Jerritts, President, Wang Latin America (retired). World-renowned turnaround specialist, Mr. Jerritts has directed numerous companies including posts as CEO, Honeywell; COO Storage Technology; CEO, NBI and others. He has restructured, restarted and resuscitated global organizations and is accomplished in achieving the mandates set by boards of such fims. His efforts at NBI and Wang enabled both firms to successfully position themselves for acquisition, much to the delight of sharholders, employees and management.

Garry N. Lowenthal, Executive Managing Director, Metropolitan Group. Mr. Lowenthal has been a results-driven CEO, CFO, corporate development and M&A executive with a track record of facilitating acquisitions, business launches, reorganizations and turnarounds, while driving rapid revenue production. Recently, Garry was Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances & Acquisition for LearningByte International (recently sold to Digital Think). Garry was also founder, President & CEO of a global consumer products company. His accomplishments included building a multi-plant manufacturing, distribution and international marketing company with brand equity in 28 countries. Overall, Garry has demonstrated success in Big 5 consulting, strategic alliances, and M&A integrations for Fortune 500 and e-commerce companies.

Howard Thaw, Ph.D., Chairman, Thunderstore BV. Dr. Thaw held CEO, President and Senior Executive positions with a variety of private-sector and public companies. Most recently, he was responsible for strategic relationships and business development at NovaStor Corporation (USA), a leader in storage management software. Previously, he founded several companies one of which was acquired by NovaStor in 1998. Howard has extensive knowledge of and experience in the computer industry, including a special focus on strategic partnerships, OEM relationships, eBusiness, international marketing, public and investor relations.

Elaine Yarbrough, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Yarbrough Group. Elaine has over twenty-five years experience training, consulting and mediating in the private and public sectors, including human service and educational organizations. Her compassionate truth-telling and accurate intuition brings power and warmth to her skill in transforming organizations and individuals. With an international reputation for a wise and witty style, she is co-author of Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work, Training Strategies from Start to Finish , author of Constructive Conflict and creator of a popular series of video and audio tapes . She has consulted with American multinational corporations in over 20 countries including the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Russia specializing in managing change and transitions, conflict management, multicultural and gender diversity, strategic change for large systems and facilitation.

Reesa Abrams. Reesa's expertise spans government, corporate and education venues and 39 years in technology. She is currently coaching Research in Motion in the development and implementation of their eLearning platform. She was Program Manager for HP North American Enterprise Reseller Training and Certification Portal; Program Manager for BEA Systems, Inc. Sales and Partner Training Program; and Program Manager for 3Comís Reseller Training Program. Her operations expertise includes Bay Area Manager for the UCSD California Space Institute, Space Grant College, where she develops and manages strategic marketing and internship programs for University of California Space Grant College Program and she served as architect on NASA Ames Associate Program. While at Digital, she was Senior Manufacturing / Engineering Manager for the intrapreneurial Technology Transfer Program and Corporate Culture Program, serving as Program Manager for both these initiatives. Her culture manuals describing Digital and IBM now are resident in the Computer History Museum. As Quality engineer, Reesa developed software quality metrics for Digital Rainbow. Industry recognition and certifications include honors from VAR Times for her 3Star Online Training Program Rated #1 in customer base poll in 1999; 2000 Notable American Women; Who's Who Women in 20th Century; Whoís Who in Science and Technology (1997); Digital Equipment Corporationís Industrial Visitor to Stanford University School of Engineering, Founding Industrial Director of Stanfordís Manufacturing Modeling Laboratory and Supply Chain Forum; Top 10% Digital Equipment Corporation Employees; IBM Excellence Award for design and implementation of Apollo 10 Telemetry software; Executive Coach, Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and Western Institute for Group and Family Therapy; Total Quality Management Engineer, A. E. Deming; Quality is Free Engineer, P. Crosby; Systems Analysis, IBM, and Business Process Analysis, American Management Association.

Robert S. Brown, Sc.D. Trained as a medical scientist, Bob excels in offering an acumen and proven track record for discovering, creating and propelling high level $multi-million new business through successful sales and marketing initiatives in the pharmaceutical and medical information industries. Bobís demonstrated ability to create and maintain productive relationships among people of diverse backgrounds combined with pragmatic entrepreneurial strengths contributes to results-oriented performances in TriageTrainingís health care solutions. Bobís unique talents at interacting with groups or individuals, excellent persuasive communications and leadership skills ensure project success.

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