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"Sales PDQ" (Profile/Demo/Quote):

The School is in the Tool. Sales PDQ is the Swiss Army knife of sales calls. Most sales people (and their managers) have a bias for action. With the right tool, a channel partner sales force can “get out there selling” even before they attend formal training. Sales PDQ is a Quick Start tool that enables a channel salesperson to perform well during the sales cycle prior to attending any structured, leader-led or online training sessions (usually attended in preparation for certification exams) offered by vendors to their channel.

Sales PDQ guides the channel salesperson through 3 separate activities and, in the process, teaches them successful ways to Profile, Demonstrate and Quote a vendor’s products and services. It provides information on-demand via guided applets and wizards and allows salespeople to start selling without requiring attendance in a training class proir to being productive.

Sales PDQ is not a Sales Force Automation tool, it keeps minimal account information because its focus is product + sales cycle-specific. It is tailored to improve sales performance in selling a specific product or product family. Every high impact salesperson knows things about the product and does things with the prospects that makes them successful at selling. Because it is customized for a single product or product family, those new to selling or whose performance is underproductive, can access winning techniques and insights.

Sales PDQ expedites the development of a sales person’s expertise. It is a software tool. Product-specific guidance takes the knowledge of high performing sales people and captures it in this tool. Sales coaching, what works, what doesn’t, danger signals, insider tips and other information is embedded in a guided, 3-step process of Profile-Demo-Quote.

"Get with the Channel Partner Program":

QuickStart your Channel Partner Training & Certification program with a suite of services — “opt in” engagements delivered in phases. TriageTraining believes the best way to get going with learning solutions is to, well...get going! When you Get with the Channel Partner Program we promise 3 things:

No Surprises - All of our “Get with the Program” solutions are fixed price. Some are Flat Fee, some are worksheet pricing with binding estimates. With our worksheet pricing, you control costs by scoping projects to your budget.

Freedom & Control - Get a “No Fault” divorce at any milestone during the engagement. Our deliverables include all source code. Courses delivered by TriageTraining are authored in commercially available tools and are not “locked down” with proprietary scripts or development platforms. Standard courses, wizards and templates are yours to modify and enhance...no strings.

Free Tools — As a “leave behind” in every engagement, you’ll get applications, templates, checklists or methodologies to use royalty free whether we work together again or not.

“Channel Excellence" — Reseller Sales and Management Performance Improvement Suite:

Forgotten training breeds sales, service and support problems. Ensuring that distributors, resellers and sales agents have the information and tools they need to effectively represent your products and services is an ongoing challenge. Keeping them up to speed on products, pricing and contractual issues requires significant time, money and resources.

Our performance management system platform, together with a library of channel management professional development, sales training and development resources, courseware, assessments, and surveys, enables Channel Managers to cost-effectively develop and manage their channel sales and service personnel while continuously improving their own capabilities to manage their channel organization.

Our learning technology platform includes separate learning tracks for management and sales audiences, competency models, online and classroom training, learning management and change reinforcement/incentive components. It provides a performance and learning environment to support channel excellence.

Key process areas include learning, performance support, knowledge management, communication and collaboration. Supported by various technology platforms as well as expert session leaders and consulting services, blended learning facilitates measurable channel performance improvement.

Deliver value-added services to your channel partners
Increase mindshare for your solutions
Quickly distribute product knowledge and sales support information
Assess skills of channel partners and prescribe targeted development activities
Manage the registration and distribution of all training activities and resources
Increase participation by integrating incentives
Establish a "community of interest" through online collaboration
Reduce channel development costs
Improve tracking of channel partner participation

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Case Study: Leader-Led Workshops, Sales and Merchandising Course Ported to CBT

Global agricultural equipment manufacturer needed to develop and distribute technology-based sales training for their channel. Each dealership had 2-10 sales associates. In addition to product training on top 5 vendor product lines, general sales training sessions were needed. Solution included VHS training tapes accompanied by CD's with topic summary and review session and assessment exams.

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