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HIPAA Training Playbook
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Performance and Learning - Solving the human side of compliance:
Technology solutions alone do not ensure compliance or certification. Changing on-the-job actions and attitudes can only be accomplished with effective and engaging performance and learning interventions.

Digital Courses: Traditonal online learning offering on-demand, self-directed sessions. Learning interventions are designed for distance learning, adult learning and compliance training environments. Courses are offered as web-based training or as CD delivery.

Workbook Courses: Triage courses are available as Self-Study Workbook or Instructor Guides/Student Workbooks if your organziation prefers this delivery method.

Compliance Learning Environment: Organization training and competency management, performance improvement and continuous learning. Includes: Content — Courses, learning activities, and testing Two types of content include online courses (custom and catalog titles) and presentations/webinars (live and archived).

Integrated Accreditation/Certfication/Compliance Management Systems:
Composed of 2 “Environments”- Compliance Manager and Training Manager. These integrated systems are "content-neutral" and assist in managing any type of certificaton, accreditation, or compliance process. A collection of a dozen modules, microsite features include workflow, groupware, document management, assessment, remediation and project management, messaging and collaboration, implementation guidance and more.

Components of the application suite are provided by innovative firms each providing “best of breed” solutions in their areas of expertise. Manager and Trainer are offered as ASP platforms.
HIPAA and ISO17799 Compliance Management Systems can also include a third environment -
X-TraSecure HIPAA/ISO17799 Enforcer. Client/Server system based on user-defined business rules, it supplements perimeter defense by monitoring and enforcing organizational policies for use of any type of file found on users' desktops including opening, saving, printing, copying, deleting and more. X-TraSecure HIPAA/ISO17799 Enforcer can notify supervisors and managers of user behavior and can send warnings and messages to others as well. Monitor, enforce, report desktop content use/abuse across the enterprise.

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